Artist in Residence 2019

Kelsey, our artist in residence, came to Willamette this week to guide students through the process of block printing. Each child drew their designs, transferred their drawings onto their rubber blocks, cut their blocks, and printed their designs on newsprint, cards, and canvas bags. Each child got to take their blocks home to continue printing for as long as they want. We are grateful to Kelsey for teaching us this new, unique skill.


Today we discussed the idea of neuroplasticity, which explains how the brain can change throughout an individual's lifetime. With repeated and focused attention, we can create new habits and re-wire our brain. It is so important that kids understand that their attitude and mindset can have a profound impact on their lives.

Teachers Traveling

Mr. Wavra, Mr. Porter, and I went on a memorable trip to Cambodia and Thailand this summer. We saw so many new things, met so many great people, and ate so many delicious meals. Here is a little glimpse into our experience:

Summer Break

I hope everyone is enjoying their time off. I decided to do something a little ambitious this summer and head to Asia with Mr. Porter and Mr. Wavra. We spent our first couple days in Siem Reap, Cambodia where we visited my sister (who teaches there) and experienced the city. After a few days we decided to cross the border into Thailand. We are currently sitting on a beach on Koh Chang island, listening to the rain falling and the waves crashing on the beach. I hope all of you are finding ways to enjoy your time off, whether you are traveling the world or staying in West Linn.

Metric Measurement Olympics

This morning students participated in the Metric Math Olympic Games.  Events included Left Handed Sponge Squeeze, Right Handed Marble Grab, Bigfoot, Cotton Ball Shot Put, Straw Javelin, and Paper Plate Discus.

Students had fun competing and measuring.  Awards were given to students for outstanding performance as well as to the students whose estimation was closest to their actual result.

OFB 2019

We took our annual trip to the Oregon Food Bank this week to help repackage food for families in need. We had a great time working together to put potatoes in bags for food box distribution. Thanks to all the students and parent volunteers for helping to make this a successful service project.

Data Collection and Analysis Project

Students recently brainstormed questions that they could measure. Some of the questions were:
      • How long can you hang from a bar?
      • How fast can you run around the bases twice?
      • How long can you jump rope without messing up?
      • How long can you keep your eyes open without blinking?
      • How many basketball shots can you make in 1 minute?
      • How long does it take you to type a sentence?
      • How far can you jump?
      • How long is your foot?
After preparing to find out the answers to these questions, we went outside to collect data from classmates. Eventually, we will collect data from our first grade buddies and then organize and graph our results. Conducting these experiments with two different groups will allow us to compare and analyze multiple sets of data and identify any trends, outliers, key differences, etc. between first graders and fourth graders. img_0992.jpg img_0994.jpg img_0995.jpg img_0996.jpg img_1001.jpg img_1005.jpg img_1007.jpg img_1003.jpg