Science Labs and a Celebration of Marksmanship

I have a few photos that I have been meaning to share from recent science labs with Mrs. Galati. The first set of photos includes students creating fossils using shells and plaster and the second set of photos includes the shooting of rockets after a lesson on Newton's Three Laws of Motion. Towards the end of the rocket shooting, I challenged the students to make it into a small basket they were aiming for and told them I would happily reward them with an extra recess break if any student was able to successfully land their rocket in the basket. After dozens of misses, I told the class that they had one last chance. At the last moment, just as students were beginning to believe it was not going to happen, Jenny's rocket hit the bulls-eye and the class went bonkers. Yesterday, the students were given their extra recess for Jenny's accurate shot at the buzzer, but not before we celebrated Jenny's birthday with a few popsicles on a beautiful day. 20140610-070409-25449098.jpg 20140610-070408-25448192.jpg 20140610-070406-25446594.jpg 20140610-070409-25449965.jpg 20140610-070407-25447385.jpg 20140610-070410-25450815.jpg 20140610-070405-25445752.jpg 20140610-070411-25451689.jpg 20140610-070412-25452547.jpg 20140610-070413-25453416.jpg 20140610-070415-25455188.jpg 20140610-070414-25454272.jpg 20140610-070500-25500067.jpg     20140610-071655-26215169.jpg20140610-070501-25501956.jpg