White Oak Savanna 2018

DSCN0217The fourth graders took a nice little stroll to White Oak Savanna this morning. We were met there by Roberta Schwarz, the woman who has taken care of the park for the past fourteen years by raising millions of dollars and coordinating volunteers to help restore the park. One way that Willamette students have helped restore the park is by planting native plants in the park. Today, fourth grade graders planted sword ferns in the riparian area of the park. Then they walked into the park and planted milkweed in hopes of attracting butterflies. It was a beautiful morning spent doing something positive for our community. img_9428.jpg img_9430.jpg img_9432.jpg img_9434.jpg img_9435.jpg img_9436.jpg img_9437.jpg img_9438.jpg img_9440.jpg img_9442.jpg img_9441.jpg img_9443.jpg img_9444.jpg img_9448.jpg img_9447.jpg img_9449.jpg img_9451.jpg img_9455.jpg