Willamette Market 2019!

The sun came out and made for a perfect day of shopping at the annual Willamette Market. Students sold their hand made crafts to their peers, parents, and other members of the community and in the process, raised a lot of money to help offset the cost of the fourth and fifth grade overnight field trips. A portion of the proceeds are also being donated to two of Mr. Silverman's favorite charities, the Dougy Center and the Portland Audubon Society. Thanks to all who were able to make it out and take part in a fabulous day. img_0646.jpgimg_0645.jpg img_0644.jpg img_0643.jpg img_0642.jpg img_0640.jpg img_0639.jpg img_0638.jpg

Oregon Trail Overnight 2019

We recently returned from our overnight field trip adventure at Camp Collins along the Sandy River. This wonderful outdoor experience helped us gain an understanding of early Oregon history and gave us a better understanding of the variety of perspectives of the people involved in the settlement of the west. On day one, we learned about what it was like to settle the frontier by doing activities like building log cabins, making candles, doing laundry, and using logging tools. Day two was spent understanding the reasons why people moved west and included activities like mining for gold, packing a wagon, and tracking animals and understanding the fur trade. A little line dancing, campfire, and cabin time were thrown in for some extra entertainment and fun. All in all, we had a wonderful time together and were thankful that the weather cooperated! img_0538.jpg img_0539.jpg img_0540.jpg img_0541.jpg img_0543.jpg img_0544.jpg img_0547.jpg img_0548.jpg img_0549.jpg img_0546.jpg img_0550.jpg img_0551.jpg img_0552.jpg img_0553.jpg img_0554.jpg img_0555.jpg img_0556.jpg img_0557.jpg img_0558.jpg img_0559.jpg img_0560.jpg img_0561.jpg img_0563.jpg img_0565.jpg img_0566.jpg img_0567.jpg img_0568.jpg img_0570.jpg img_0572.jpg