Data Collection and Analysis Project

Students recently brainstormed questions that they could measure. Some of the questions were:
      • How long can you hang from a bar?
      • How fast can you run around the bases twice?
      • How long can you jump rope without messing up?
      • How long can you keep your eyes open without blinking?
      • How many basketball shots can you make in 1 minute?
      • How long does it take you to type a sentence?
      • How far can you jump?
      • How long is your foot?
After preparing to find out the answers to these questions, we went outside to collect data from classmates. Eventually, we will collect data from our first grade buddies and then organize and graph our results. Conducting these experiments with two different groups will allow us to compare and analyze multiple sets of data and identify any trends, outliers, key differences, etc. between first graders and fourth graders. img_0992.jpg img_0994.jpg img_0995.jpg img_0996.jpg img_1001.jpg img_1005.jpg img_1007.jpg img_1003.jpg