I recently watched a documentary called Undefeated about a high school boys football team in Memphis. It was an excellent film that I wanted to share. If you are looking for a good movie to watch this summer, I highly recommend Undefeated.

Keep Your Brains Fresh This Summer

When I was a kid, I remember going back to school in September and realizing over the first few days of the new school year that I had forgotten a lot of the basic concepts I had been taught the previous year. I usually spent the first week or two getting back into the groove. Setbacks like I experienced can easily be prevented with a few minutes of daily learning. If you need some ideas for how to keep your child’s brain fresh for the beginning of the upcoming school year, here is a list of ideas from Barbara Dianis: 7 Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss.

Exciting One World Futbol Update!

I’m happy to let everyone know that three of the fourteen futbols we purchased have found a loving home.

The first update I received was from my friend Denny who emailed to let me know that the two balls we ordered for the Haitian orphanage he is affiliated with had arrived at his home in Colorado. Shortly thereafter, my Uncle Bill and Aunt Teresa sent me a photo of the shipment of the twelve One World Futbols they received in Iowa.


While the shipment of futbols was being stored at Bill and Teresa’s home, they happened to host three boys, ages 10 and 11, from the Ugandan Orphan’s Choir named Allan, Joseph, and Julius. One evening, Bill took out a One World Futbol for the boys to play with and they had a great time with it. I asked Teresa to please give them one of the balls to take home, which they did. So the first ball that was delivered will not end up in Haiti, but instead will go to Uganda with Allan, Joseph, Julius, and the boys from the Ugandan Orphan’s Choir.


The remaining eleven One World Futbols in Iowa were then delivered to the youth group at Bill and Teresa’s church, who will be heading down to Haiti from August 1st through 8th. They will be sending us photos of their experience with the kids who will receive the balls.

Finally, last night, I received a much anticipated email from Denny, my old college friend, who has an organization called Loving Haiti which supports an orphanage, sewing center, school, and church in Pignon, Haiti. Denny wrote, “My wife is in Haiti right now and she gave these balls to the kids over a week ago and they are still going strong!!! I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have given these kids brand new balls and they were destroyed in less than an hour. Three days is the longest I can remember a ball lasting in Haiti without popping. There are thirty five kids at this orphanage and they play hard. My wife said you can see the surprise on their faces that these balls are still working for them!

Please send our thank you to your students, my wife and I really appreciate the fundraising and effort to get us these balls and the kids in the orphanage would also like to say ‘Merci!’ That is a really neat thing your students did for the kids in Haiti and we are very thankful!”

Thank you Denny and Abby Bain for helping us get these futbols to kids who will surely appreciate them.



Thanks again for everyone who has helped with this project. Stay tuned for more updates to our One World Futbol project coming this summer.

Visit the One World Futbol website for more info on a great organization: www.oneworldfutbol.com

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Lewis and Clark Documentary

On the morning of Tuesday, May 28, we will be heading out on our Lewis and Clark themed overnight field trip. To prepare ourselves for this journey, refresh your memory of the Lewis and Clark expedition by watching this National Geographic documentary, titled, Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West. See you Tuesday!

One World Futbol Update

I wanted to send some notes to update everyone on the progress of our One World Futbol project:

– Thanks to all of the students from 4A for participating in this project. Your enthusiasm and effort were incredible. Big time props go to Gage, Kai, and Sam from 4B for contributing to this project in such a major way. These three generous boys held a joint birthday party and asked their friends to donate to our project rather than purchase gifts. Because of this selfless move, we were able to buy fourteenOne World Futbols to send to Haiti! Originally, we had a goal of buying two, so this helped us far exceed expectations.

– Ellie and I took the money we raised to OnPoint Community Credit Union and they were nice enough to give us a free cashier’s check made out to One World Futbol.



– After sharing the check with the class…

my daughter and I dropped our order off in the mailbox.


– This morning, I received an email from One World Futbol informing me that they received our order and have sent two futbols to Colorado – to an old college friend of mine, Denny Bain, who will hand deliver them to Haiti this summer – and twelve futbols to Iowa – to my uncle Bill, who will give them to his church’s youth group to hand deliver them to Haiti this summer.

– Denny and Bill will be sending photos to document the delivery of the balls which I will post here. So make sure you check in from time to time to witness the journey of these balls.

– Thanks to everyone for their help in making this project happen, especially a very nice woman named Kassie at One World Futbol who exchanged a large quantity of helpful emails with me and helped coordinate this whole thing. Because of the effort of 4A, many kids in Haiti will enjoy countless soccer games, which is a very good feeling.

A Fun Video to Honor Earth Month

April is Earth month.  During this time, it is important to reflect on basic things we can do to reduce our impact on the environment.  To remind us of these things, I thought it would be fun to dig into my archives and pull out a video that was created to display these principles.

In 2007, All Saints became an Oregon Green School.  That year, we attended the Oregon Green Schools Summit in Salem and were asked to be one of three schools that participated in the Summit Showcase.  The All Saints Green Team got together and created this humorous video called The Transformation of All Saints: Becoming an Oregon Green School to show what our school was like before and after we became an Oregon Green School.  As you will see, we made some very simple, positive changes in our school.    Let this video remind you of the easy ways you can make a difference in reducing the waste in your environment as you enjoy this blast from the not so distant past.

The Transformation of All Saints: Becoming an Oregon Green School from Kevin Baumbach on Vimeo.


* Special thanks to the students in this video who are now making a big difference as juniors in their local high schools.

* Notice how different my classroom looks prior to the construction of the computer lab and greenhouse that occurred that summer.

Math Everywhere

I was thinking about teaching the fourth graders fractions, decimals, and a little percentages after break and wanted to show them how often I use this information in my daily life. I just wanted to take a stroll around my house to display to kids how often I use math.  Check out the different everyday tools and materials that involve math. 20130328-091123.jpg20130328-091516.jpg20130328-091720.jpg20130328-091821.jpg









All Saints Featured on OFB Website

There’s nothing I love more than when my students set a good example for others. The video of the fourth graders’ experience in the food repack center in December is currently on display on the “K-12 School Groups” page of the Oregon Food Bank website. The OFB asked if they could use the video so interested school groups can see what a typical volunteer experience would look like. Check it out: OFB School Group Volunteer Page

One World Futbol Project

The fourth graders have developed a plan to purchase two One World Futbols by the end of the year to send to children in Haiti. Rather than just asking for money and buying futbols that will be sent to children we’ll never get a chance to see, we would like to raise the money ourselves and send the balls to places where we can see the kids who are going to benefit from them. In order to send the balls to a specific location, we needed someone to personally deliver them.  Luckily, in working with my Uncle Bill, we have found a group of people willing to help.

My Uncle Bill recently returned from a trip to Haiti in which he worked with a local ministry. Here is what Bill emailed me when I asked him if he came across any candidates that he felt were worthy of our donation:

“On Sunday we spent the day out at JohnJohn and Kristi’s. He is a Haitian minister and she is a nurse/teacher from Iowa and they met and married in the States and set up a school/church and other broad set of ministries in Haiti under the name of UCI. It was amazing what they were accomplishing there and our church was going to help fund the building of a university on their grounds. They already had K-12 working and were expanding to college and vocational training – primarily agri-business. They also had a program that provided pumps to farmers to bring water up from a river and gravity irrigate crops. Kevin – this is the contact I will give you to send the Futbols to – Kristi said ‘they are like gold here.’ I appreciate you sending items to Haiti – they can really use anything. On our trip to the Citadel, we passed a field where kids were playing soccer with a fruit! They love the game there but really don’t have a lot of balls to play with.”

Our plan is to purchase two One World Futbols to send to my Uncle in Iowa.  He will then pass them on to the youth group in his church because they will be going to Haiti this summer.  The youth group will then pass them on to JohnJohn and Kristi, who will deliver the futbols to children who are sure to appreciate the generous gift of the students from 4A.  They have told us they will send pictures of the children who will receive the futbols, which I will share with everyone.

Our fundraising plan: To purchase and ship two One World Futbols, we will need to raise $56. I am asking students to return cans and bottles from home to the grocery store and bring some or all of the deposit money to school to add in our One World Futbol jar. It doesn’t matter if you bring in five cents or five dollars. The point is to participate in helping another group of kids.  Parents, we would appreciate any help you can offer your children in this process.

Art Project Sneak Peak

On Tuesday in art class, 4A was joined by an artist in residence named Sarah Ferguson. She helped the students create clay self-portraits. Thanks to all the parents who came to assist and to Anjanette McHayle for passing these photos along. Look for these to come home sometime in the near future.