Practice Test for State Testing

If you would like to practice for state testing, please click on the following link and follow these directions:

OAKS Portal

* On the Start by User page –> Select “Students
* Next, select “Practice Tests
* On the Please Sign In page –> Select “Sign In
* On the Is This You? page, –> Select Student Grade Level (4), then select “Yes” at the bottom of the page
* Students may practice any of the following practice tests:
– ELA CAT Practice Test
– ELA PT Practice Test
– Math CAT Practice Test
– Math PT Practice Test

(ELA = English Language Arts; CAT = Computer Adaptive test; PT = Performance Task)

* On the Choose Settings page –> Leave everything as is and choose “Select
* On the Is This Your Test page –> Choose “Yes
* On the Audio Playback Check page –> Play the sample sound and when you hear the sound, choose “I head the sound
* On Instructions and Help page –> Select “Begin test now

Overnight Field Trip Slideshow

There were so many pictures from the overnight field trip to Camp Kuratli that they couldn’t fit into one blog post. Instead, I created a slideshow to document our time experiencing life as the pioneers did in the mid 1800s. A massive thank you goes to the staff at Camp Kuratli and the several parent volunteers who helped make this a special experience for all students.

Oregon Trail Overnight Field Trip 2017 from Kevin Baumbach on Vimeo.

And We’re Off!

Our journey to experience pioneer life at the end of the Oregon Trail has begun! We are off to Camp Kuratli for the next two days. Stay tuned for more photos of our experience.

Willamette Market 2017

The fourth graders participated in the annual Willamette Market today and had a great time buying and selling their homemade products. Students put in a ton of work over the past several weeks in order to make this day as wonderful and exciting as it was. All of the money raised will go towards funding the fourth and fifth grade overnight field trips. Congratulations to the students for a job well done and a huge thank you to the parents for all of your support.

Readers Theater

This week, we learned about the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition through a couple of plays put on by the fourth graders. Each group took time to personally read and understand their story. Then they practiced, prepared, and performed the plays for their peers. Students did an excellent job of making these stories come to life. Not only did we learn about these important parts of our nation’s history, we also put a special emphasis on reading our scripts with expression, because no one wanted to see a play put on by a bunch of robots. Kudos to the kids for doing an exceptional job!

A Visit to the Oregon Food Bank

This morning we spent a few hours at the Oregon Food Bank packaging almost 8,000 pounds of carrots and potatoes in the Volunteer Action Center. Students and parent volunteers sang and danced as they helped the OFB achieve its goal of eliminating hunger in Oregon.​

Swimming in Oregon City

Today was the first day of our swim lessons in Oregon City and it was a success. When we returned, I asked if anyone learned anything new today. Hands excitedly shot up in the air as students explained the ways they were able to grow. It was a great start to our week of swim lessons and you should look forward to hearing the news of what your child learned when they come home from school today.

Read To Us Week – Day 5

Our final day of Read To Us Week brought us Kevin Tyner, who works in corporate sales for the Portland Trail Blazers. Kevin is actually an old friend of mine. We went to high school and college together. He is a very talented basketball player who played in college and then played professionally overseas for a few years. After his professional playing career ended, he still wanted to stay connected to his passion of basketball, so he began working for the Trail Blazers. He shared with us positive messages about hard work, having a drive to be successful, and the importance of being a good team member. Kevin is a great role model for children and we were lucky to have him join us as our last guest speaker for the week.

Read To Us Week – Day 4

Day 4 of Read To Us Week brought us two awesome scientists! Tammie Wilson and Chloe Ryan joined us to tell us about their experiences working in the shipyards of Portland. Tammie explained how she helps to keep our water clean by keeping metal and other toxic materials out of the river when ships are being built. Chloe told us how she helps to protect our air by monitoring ships when they are painted. We are so glad we have great people like Tammie and Chloe that work so hard to help keep our environment clean.