Fwd: Get to Know the Columbia River

20120920-204319.jpg A Native American fisherman fishes just west of the Bonneville Dam 4th grade is the year we learn about Oregon and you can't get to know Oregon without getting to know the Columbia River. Our Northern border is loaded with rich history, natural beauty, and economic possibilities. If you get the chance, click on the link below to take a look at an incredible photo essay from Bruce Ely and Jamie Francis of the Oregonian and oregonlive.com. Columbia River: Great River of the West

2012-2013 4th Grade with Mr.B

I am planning on having a website available to students and parents all year. The website will include homework assignments, reminders, upcoming events, photos, and videos. I will do my best to update it regularly. This is my first time doing this, so we'll see how it goes.