Math Everywhere

I was thinking about teaching the fourth graders fractions, decimals, and a little percentages after break and wanted to show them how often I use this information in my daily life. I just wanted to take a stroll around my house to display to kids how often I use math.  Check out the different everyday tools and materials that involve math. 20130328-091123.jpg20130328-091516.jpg20130328-091720.jpg20130328-091821.jpg









Making Bird Feeders with Mrs. Bown

Today, the fourth graders went to the greenhouse for a visit with our master gardener, Mrs. Bown. She taught us about cones (they’re only called “pine cones” if they come from a pine tree), and the parts of a plant. We then discussed how birds get seeds from cones.

Along with Mrs. Wells, Mrs. Bown then showed us how to make bird feeders out of our cones. We hope you can attach these to trees around your home over spring break so your local bird population can have a nice, hearty feast!

















Measuring Volume…Outside!

Instead of calculating the volume of various objects in our classroom, we decided to take advantage of the pleasant, almost-spring weather by going outdoors. Our outdoor classroom was full of small groups working together to find the volume of everything from tissue boxes to a book. It’s amazing how much a little fresh air can make a task more enjoyable. It was a very nice way to end a fantastic week.






OFB Service Project – Part II

Today, the fourth graders from All Saints made their way back to the Oregon Food Bank for a food repack volunteer shift. The food of the day was pinto beans. We scooped, poured, weighed, tied, and boxed a few thousand pounds of beans over the course of an hour and a half shift.

At the end of our shift, we were given a tour of the Eastside Learning Garden to get a glimpse of how the OFB grows its own food for distribution. Our guide was nice enough to give us a few helpings of vegetables along the way. The samples of purple broccoli and collard greens were quite delicious.

Below is a brief slideshow chronicling the latest visit to our favorite place to volunteer:

Oregon Food Bank Service Project Slideshow from Kevin Baumbach on Vimeo.

Click on the following link to re-visit our first trip to the OFB: Oregon Food Bank Service Project (December 2012)

All Saints Featured on OFB Website

There’s nothing I love more than when my students set a good example for others. The video of the fourth graders’ experience in the food repack center in December is currently on display on the “K-12 School Groups” page of the Oregon Food Bank website. The OFB asked if they could use the video so interested school groups can see what a typical volunteer experience would look like. Check it out: OFB School Group Volunteer Page

One World Futbol Project

The fourth graders have developed a plan to purchase two One World Futbols by the end of the year to send to children in Haiti. Rather than just asking for money and buying futbols that will be sent to children we’ll never get a chance to see, we would like to raise the money ourselves and send the balls to places where we can see the kids who are going to benefit from them. In order to send the balls to a specific location, we needed someone to personally deliver them.  Luckily, in working with my Uncle Bill, we have found a group of people willing to help.

My Uncle Bill recently returned from a trip to Haiti in which he worked with a local ministry. Here is what Bill emailed me when I asked him if he came across any candidates that he felt were worthy of our donation:

“On Sunday we spent the day out at JohnJohn and Kristi’s. He is a Haitian minister and she is a nurse/teacher from Iowa and they met and married in the States and set up a school/church and other broad set of ministries in Haiti under the name of UCI. It was amazing what they were accomplishing there and our church was going to help fund the building of a university on their grounds. They already had K-12 working and were expanding to college and vocational training – primarily agri-business. They also had a program that provided pumps to farmers to bring water up from a river and gravity irrigate crops. Kevin – this is the contact I will give you to send the Futbols to – Kristi said ‘they are like gold here.’ I appreciate you sending items to Haiti – they can really use anything. On our trip to the Citadel, we passed a field where kids were playing soccer with a fruit! They love the game there but really don’t have a lot of balls to play with.”

Our plan is to purchase two One World Futbols to send to my Uncle in Iowa.  He will then pass them on to the youth group in his church because they will be going to Haiti this summer.  The youth group will then pass them on to JohnJohn and Kristi, who will deliver the futbols to children who are sure to appreciate the generous gift of the students from 4A.  They have told us they will send pictures of the children who will receive the futbols, which I will share with everyone.

Our fundraising plan: To purchase and ship two One World Futbols, we will need to raise $56. I am asking students to return cans and bottles from home to the grocery store and bring some or all of the deposit money to school to add in our One World Futbol jar. It doesn’t matter if you bring in five cents or five dollars. The point is to participate in helping another group of kids.  Parents, we would appreciate any help you can offer your children in this process.