A Fun Video to Honor Earth Month

April is Earth month.  During this time, it is important to reflect on basic things we can do to reduce our impact on the environment.  To remind us of these things, I thought it would be fun to dig into my archives and pull out a video that was created to display these principles.

In 2007, All Saints became an Oregon Green School.  That year, we attended the Oregon Green Schools Summit in Salem and were asked to be one of three schools that participated in the Summit Showcase.  The All Saints Green Team got together and created this humorous video called The Transformation of All Saints: Becoming an Oregon Green School to show what our school was like before and after we became an Oregon Green School.  As you will see, we made some very simple, positive changes in our school.    Let this video remind you of the easy ways you can make a difference in reducing the waste in your environment as you enjoy this blast from the not so distant past.

The Transformation of All Saints: Becoming an Oregon Green School from Kevin Baumbach on Vimeo.


* Special thanks to the students in this video who are now making a big difference as juniors in their local high schools.

* Notice how different my classroom looks prior to the construction of the computer lab and greenhouse that occurred that summer.