Final One World Futbol Delivery to Haiti

I am happy to announce that the final eleven One World Futbols that were purchased by last year’s fourth grade students of All Saints have made their way to the gracious hands of the children of Haiti. Check out the smiles on their faces! I wanted to include a great story I received from my Aunt Teresa, who, along with my Uncle Bill, helped to coordinate the delivery of the futbols:

Whenever you go to someone’s home or school, you will see a deflated soccer ball next to the door…this is since their “fences” are trimmed cactus bushes that are about 5 feet tall!! Needless to say, they were thrilled with these balls. In fact, to prove how strong they are the Haitians jumped on the balls, and they didn’t pop—truly amazing. Your class made a lot of different youth groups and school children happy. Thank you!

Thank you former students of 4A, for doing your part to have a positive impact on the lives of other people.





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