Math Practice in the Fresh Air

While practicing our math facts today, we decided to go outside to enjoy the beautiful fall weather. With blue skies overhead, we tossed tennis balls back and forth while skip counting and reciting our multiplication facts. It was a fun way to practice for those of us that are kinesthetic and tactile learners.


Oral Health Education

Don’t be surprised if your child comes home today discussing enamel, flossing, and gingivitis. Nicole More, a health educator from Multnomah County’s School Community Oral Health Program, came to visit us today to discuss oral health care. After being presented with important information about how to take care of our teeth and gums, we reviewed the 8 essential oral wellness behaviors through a game of Dental Jeopardy.





Unity Day 2013

Today, the students of Holy Redeemer, along with thousands of students around the country, wore orange to display their unity against bullies. Students around our building worked on various activities to learn about and speak out against bullying behaviors. The fourth grade decided to create a video that would define bullying and explain how someone should react if they are being bullied. This was a collaborative process from start to finish. From brainstorming to story boarding to acting to filming, the fourth graders worked hard to put this together. Well done, fourth grade!

Bullying: What Is It And How Do You Stop It? from Kevin Baumbach on Vimeo.

Weather in the NW with Joe Raineri

In Social Studies and Science, we have been discussing the water cycle and how the geographical features of Oregon (the Cascade range, the Coast range, the Columbia Gorge, etc.) affect our climate.

To help us understand the climate of our state, Joe Raineri, a meteorologist and reporter for KPTV Fox 12, came to our class to fill us in. He also shared how a meteorologist and news team prepare for and deliver a newscast. And if Joe Raineri’s last name sounds familiar, that’s because he is the son of our Principal, Anna Raineri!