Honoring a Veteran

2014 Winter Olympic Games - Season 2014
“Do you remember Rico Roman?” my mom asked me in 2010 as she gave me a newspaper article.

Of course I remembered Rico. He was a former classmate of mine and I considered him one of my favorite people during my time as a student at Holy Redeemer. He left HR around middle school and we lost contact, but I always remembered him fondly. I was intrigued to read the article and see what he was up to.

The article detailed Rico’s journey from joining the U.S. Army to having his leg amputated in 2007 after he was injured in Iraq to his introduction to the sport of sled hockey. Rico’s positive attitude was evident throughout the article. It was consistent with what I remembered about him during our days on the Holy Redeemer playground. Rico had charisma. He was always smiling, laughing, and telling jokes. He was athletic and competitive. I don’t remember him ever being in a bad mood. If anything could sour an attitude, I would assume losing a limb might do it. Not Rico.

He epitomized the quote that I have hanging in my classroom form Charles Swindoll: “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” Because of his perseverance, athleticism, and positive outlook, Rico was able to work his way onto the U.S. National Sled Hockey team that will be competing in the Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia in 2014. It is a great achievement for a truly nice guy.

Click on the following link to hear more about Rico’s story: One-Legged Vet, New to Sled Hockey, to Compete in Sochi 2014

If you want to support Rico and Operation Comfort, the organization that assists wounded vets like him watch the video, click on the following link, and “Choose Rico”: Citi Every Step of the Way