Young Maestros in the Making

Music class is always fun at our school, but 4th grade music class is particularly enjoyable. That’s because in fourth grade, students are taught how to play the violin. Their multi-talented music teacher educates them on the ins and outs of the violin twice a week, all year long. There are two big performances throughout the year, the first of which came today. At the Grandparents’ Day assembly, the young violinists took the stage and showed their stuff to many proud parents and grandparents. The following video gives a small glimpse into the preparation before the performance and the performance itself. Enjoy.

4th Grade Violin Performance from Kevin Baumbach on Vimeo.

Community D.E.A.R.

Today, the whole school met in the gym for a community D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) event. It was very enjoyable to have every student in there reading silently for 20 minutes. Hopefully this will become a regular event.


One World Futbol Delivery #1

Great news! Our first One World Futbols have arrived in India! A connection was made with members of the Portland Thorns soccer club and an organization called Goals For Girls and they agreed to take three One World Futbols with them on a trip to India. If you would like to know more about the trip, one of the generous members of the group that traveled to India, Danielle Foxhoven, has a blog that documented the trip. Check it out:









Book Clubs

The fourth graders have been learning the art of the book club discussion recently and are beginning to practice their skills independently. We have been learning how to collect information about story elements and then use that informations to draw conclusions about the main character. As I walked around the room today and listened to the conversations that were taking place, I was very pleased with what I was hearing. A deeper level of thinking is starting to take place in this classroom and that’s exciting news!