Sled Hockey Documentary

The Olympics have passed, but the Paralympics are about to get started. The fourth graders have made a connection with one of the players on the United States Paralympic Sled Hockey team, Rico Roman, who once walked the same hallways they now walk. Rico and his teammates are training hard as they attempt to bring the U.S. another gold from Sochi. PBS recently made a documentary that followed the U.S. Sled Hockey team as they prepared for the 2014 Paralympic games in Sochi.

Here is a preview featuring our class’s favorite player, Rico:

Here is the full length film, Ice Warriors: USA Sled Hockey:

The Great Egg Drop: Prototypes


Check out some photos from our latest science project: The Great Egg Drop. Students brainstormed several ideas for containers that would safely transport an egg from two stories in the air. They narrowed it down to one design and were asked to build a prototype on Friday. We will begin testing our designs this week.



















Another One World Futbol Delivery

I recently received the following email from my cousin James, who is working with a ministry called Hope Alive! in Uganda. James offered to take a One World Futbol for us to Uganda where he is serving a yearlong mission along with his family.

“Here is a pic of the ball and the envelopes of the letters from your kids. Sorry this took so long but our director wanted the ball to go to the neediest kids. They are at our site in Gulu, in Northern Uganda. So I had to wait to send it with the next group that was headed that way. I am planning to go there myself later this year. When I go I will take some pics of the kids playing with the ball. For now, this pic is all I have. The lady on the right is Sarah, the Site Manager of our operations in Gulu and the man, Enoch, is her assistant.”


A Trip to Fort Vancouver

On Thursday, the fourth graders crossed the Columbia River and were given the opportunity to explore Fort Vancouver. Ranger Mike gave us a tour of the store house, the Indian trade shop, and the blacksmith shop. We then had time to explore other parts of the fort including the jail, the watch tower, the bakery, and John McLoughlin’s house. We learned a ton of information about the Hudson’s Bay Company, the fur trade, and life in the Oregon Country. Unfortunately, the frigid weather and incoming snow cut our trip short but we still had a wonderful learning experience. Here’s a short video of our experience:

Fort Vancouver Field Trip from Kevin Baumbach on Vimeo.

HR Olympics

We had a great time in the gymnasium on Friday participating in the school’s annual Olympics. Members of the fourth grade participated in grueling endurance competitions like the jump rope and hula hoop events and showed their speed and power in various relay races like pony express and the dog sled event.

Personally, I was humbled in my first Olympic event, failing to help the faculty defeat the third grade in the frog jump. I take full responsibility for my team’s loss and vow to train harder than anyone this offseason to ensure that my rookie mistakes will not be repeated in the 2015 games.

I attempted to get a few photos of the day’s events but my camera was not equipped for the speed of the kids. I ended up with a bunch of blurry photos but I put together a small collage of the best photos I ended up with.