Another One World Futbol Delivery

I recently received the following email from my cousin James, who is working with a ministry called Hope Alive! in Uganda. James offered to take a One World Futbol for us to Uganda where he is serving a yearlong mission along with his family.

“Here is a pic of the ball and the envelopes of the letters from your kids. Sorry this took so long but our director wanted the ball to go to the neediest kids. They are at our site in Gulu, in Northern Uganda. So I had to wait to send it with the next group that was headed that way. I am planning to go there myself later this year. When I go I will take some pics of the kids playing with the ball. For now, this pic is all I have. The lady on the right is Sarah, the Site Manager of our operations in Gulu and the man, Enoch, is her assistant.”