Guest Speaker: Captain Emily Brand

On Monday, a special guest joined us to discuss life in the air. Captain Emily Brand, a United States Air Force Pilot, came to tell us about the joys of flying giant cargo planes around the world.

Emily explained to all the students that in order to become pilots they would need to know lots of math, science, and geography. She then explained the training process pilots go through, including the interesting process to overcome airsickness. We also got to see many photos and videos displaying what her plane, the massive C-17, can do. From flying low to avoid radars to carrying up to three helicopters to refueling while in the air, this machine and its pilots proved to be mighty impressive.

It was a very engaging discussion that allowed students to see a unique way to earn a living. As Emily pointed out, her job is enjoyable because she gets to travel the world and have an office that is thousands of feet in the air. Is it possible that this will inspire a member of this class to follow in Emily’s footsteps and fly planes? Stay tuned for the next ten to fifteen years to find out!

PostScript: Emily, my cousin, was also the person who was responsible for taking the One World Futbol that was delivered to children in Uganda earlier this year. She was traveling there to visit her brother, James, who is there for a year doing ministry work. Emily also was nice enough to take our last One World Futbol with her to deliver to kids in Brazil when her crew travels there later this summer. Stay tuned for photos.