A Town Run by Fourth Graders

The students of fourth grade have been busy creating a town they are calling “Portlandia”.  They have created laws, established a government, elected leaders and officials, and started up businesses.  A tax plan was put in place to pay the government officials and pay for basic services like waste management, water, and library services.  And guess what?  Citizens began arguing over how much taxes they should have to pay and where the tax money should be allocated.  We are using this as proof that it is a true to life simulation.

Entrepreneurs have also popped up when needs of the citizens were recognized.  For example, one student recognized that students needed a place to keep their currency (known as “Star Bucks”), so he created a wallet making business.  His business became so popular that he had to create a job and hire an employee to help out.  I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors that this wallet company may be seen on an upcoming episode of Shark Tank.