A Trip to the Oregon Food Bank

In early April, Willamette held its annual food drive which included a friendly class competition to bring in the most cans. The winner of the competition won “Can Man”, a beautifully welded trophy, for the remainder of the year.  As an incentive, I told the class that if we won Can Man, they would be rewarded with a field trip.

Students responded by bringing in over 400 food and personal health items which was good enough to give Can Man residence in our room until June 12. 

The next step was to figure out where to spend our day out of the classroom together. After throwing around a few ideas, we decided it would be meaningful and appropriate to go to the Oregon Food Bank where we could give our time and energy to serve our community.

Today, we spent a very productive morning at the food bank in the Volunteer Action Center. Along with another small group of volunteers, Willamette students and parents helped to re-package 4,519 pounds of brown rice to be included in emergency food boxes that will go to families in need around the state of Oregon.

All in all, it was a very valuable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.