Friday Afternoon at Willamette Park

An afternoon at the park down the street seemed like a good idea. The kids had been working hard on state testing and the sun was shining so it seemed like a great day to take the classroom outdoors. At 12:10, we grabbed our things and headed down to Willamette Park for a picnic, some games, and a little observation practice.
A nice lunch together was followed by football, freeze tag, and log rolling down the hill. When we assembled together, the log rollers all noticed that their skin was itchy. This led to some great conversations about how plants and animals defend themselves. We talked about how the grass was trying to tell us to get off of it so it can survive.

 Next, we took time to sit quietly and listen to our environment by trying to identify as many sounds as we could. The conversation that followed helped us understand that there is more going on around us than we sometimes realize.

Finally, we walked down to the river and saw where the Tualatin River meets with the Willametter River. We remembered our time earlier in the year with the stream tables and realized that this rushing water was like a giant stream table.

At the end of our afternoon, we headed back to school together with big smiles on our faces. It was a beautiful way to end the week.