Last spring, the fourth and fifth graders in room 242 planted potatoes in the school garden. We studied the anatomy of a potato plant and watched YouTube videos to learn how to properly grow them.

On Thursday, we learned how to harvest our crop and produced several pounds of potatoes. We washed each one to prepare them for consumption. 

On Friday, we researched potato nutrition facts before learning a very simple way of preparing them.  After cutting, we tossed them in some simple ingredients to add flavor and threw them in the oven for a while. 

While they were cooking we wrote recipes, making sure our language was descriptive enough for anyone to follow. And then…we feasted!  The potatoes turned out delicious and students left eager to cook this simple treat for their families.
It was a fun experience and we learned a valuable skill together.  I look forward to hearing about students’ experiences with cooking potatoes at home.