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Just because school is cancelled doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. If you go outside, be mindful of all the science that is happening around you. If you are stuck inside, check out these videos about all that white stuff on the ground.

The World Peace Game Has Been Won!

​They did it! They achieved world peace. On the last day of the World Peace Game, with only seven minutes left, students were able to solve the last crisis in the game and each country was able to raise its budget above its starting point. In the process, students developed their listening and teamwork skills and used compassion and kindness to compromise their way to success.

After the game concluded, students voted by secret ballot for three awards: Human Rights Award, Outstanding All-Around Player Award, and the World Peace Game Peace Prize. These awards were given to Vance, Kaleb, and Tess, respectively.

Students then filled out reflections on their experience with the game followed by a whole group discussion on how we can use the lessons learned from playing together to bring peace to our world. It has been a meaningful experience that hopefully will pay dividends as these children continue to grow.

Before playing the game, I received an email from the game’s creator, John Hunter, wishing me luck in my first experience as the game’s facilitator. He ended his note with a simple reminder: “It will become apparent that the game is not about the game. It’s about you, your relationship with the kids, and the underlying substrata of their hearts.” The game aims to embed empathy, compassion, and forward-thinking awareness deeply into the classroom’s culture. After watching these kids play, I feel that mission has been accomplished.



World Peace Game Update

Things are starting to click as students are figuring out how to navigate their way through the variety of challenges the World Peace Game throws at them. There is now a wave of fast paced energy that rushes through the room during negotiation periods as students work towards discussing possible solutions, making agreements, signing documents, and balancing budgets. Perhaps most impressive has been the innovative technology that students have created to solve problems, such as the salt water purification system that was created to enable two countries to save their crops after the aquifer they have been using began to run dry.  We will resume game play next Tuesday with only a few crises remaining that need to be solved. The game ends when all crises have been solved and each country has increased its budget from the beginning of the game. 

Photo above: Frostlynn, the country to the east, makes its moves during a declarations period.

United States Regions

Familiarize yourself with the states in our country by checking out talented artist Craighton Berman’s incredible drawing of the United States and the different plants, animals, landmarks, etc. that each state has to offer.

Next, see how and why the states are split up into five different regions. Just click on the following link and fill your brain with this valuable information: Flocabulary – Regions of the U.S. Video

World Peace Game – First Day of Negotiations

Students officially began game day 1 of the World Peace Game. Following a negotiations period, each country had a chance to make their declarations. Many maneuvers were made today as students did their best to solve problems and avoid other problems from occurring. The first negotiation period was very quiet and slow as students looked around the room, overwhelmed and unsure of how to go about their business. By the last negotiation period, there was a flurry of activity as many students began to get into the flow of the game. By the end of the day, two crises had been solved (only 21 to go!) and the confidence level of the group had begun to raise. We will play again next Tuesday and do what we can to save the world. img_3382



World Peace Game – Day 2

Today students learned about the contents of their top secret dossiers. They also took an inventory of their assets to determine daily expenses and income. Finally, they went through the entire crisis document, learning of all the conflicts that are in front of them. Will they be able to save the world? Game play begins on Thursday. How will they respond to the overwhelming amount of problems they are facing?





Day 1 of the World Peace Game!

wpgStudents walked into the classroom today to find things looking a little different than usual. That’s because today was the first day of the World Peace Game. Students were intrigued by the four-tiered game board and the many pieces involved so we quickly got to work discussing the various game pieces, situations, and rules. By the end of the day, every student had established their role in the game and countries had been named. Tomorrow we will focus on going through our top secret dossiers that contain critical information and paperwork for the game (items such as situation reports, peace treaties, and asset inventories) as well as the fourteen page crisis document that details all of the problems that students will be solving. Did I mention we had a ton of FUN today?

World Peace Game – Day 1 from Kevin Baumbach on Vimeo.