The Hero’s Journey

In our recent quest to analyze text on a deeper level, we looked towards fantasy books. Most fantasy books follow a pattern of narrative called the Hero’s Journey. Understanding the stages of the Hero’s Journey allowed us to comprehend our stories better and understand the transformation our main character underwent throughout the book. Please come by and check out the posters in the hallway outside of room 242. Students worked incredibly hard to identify the different stages of the journey within their books, find evidence in the text to support their ideas, and clearly present their findings to the public.

There are two cool videos that explain the Hero’s Journey in greater detail and with some pretty awesome animations. Watch and see if you can think of other narratives that follow the Hero’s Journey.

The Hero's Journey from Iskander Krayenbosch on Vimeo.

What Makes a Hero? By Matthew Winkler (shout out to Reese “Da Beast” for introducing me to this video):