The World Peace Game Has Been Won!

​They did it! They achieved world peace. On the last day of the World Peace Game, with only seven minutes left, students were able to solve the last crisis in the game and each country was able to raise its budget above its starting point. In the process, students developed their listening and teamwork skills and used compassion and kindness to compromise their way to success.

After the game concluded, students voted by secret ballot for three awards: Human Rights Award, Outstanding All-Around Player Award, and the World Peace Game Peace Prize. These awards were given to Vance, Kaleb, and Tess, respectively.

Students then filled out reflections on their experience with the game followed by a whole group discussion on how we can use the lessons learned from playing together to bring peace to our world. It has been a meaningful experience that hopefully will pay dividends as these children continue to grow.

Before playing the game, I received an email from the game’s creator, John Hunter, wishing me luck in my first experience as the game’s facilitator. He ended his note with a simple reminder: “It will become apparent that the game is not about the game. It’s about you, your relationship with the kids, and the underlying substrata of their hearts.” The game aims to embed empathy, compassion, and forward-thinking awareness deeply into the classroom’s culture. After watching these kids play, I feel that mission has been accomplished.