Read To Us Week – Day 5

Our final day of Read To Us Week brought us Kevin Tyner, who works in corporate sales for the Portland Trail Blazers. Kevin is actually an old friend of mine. We went to high school and college together. He is a very talented basketball player who played in college and then played professionally overseas for a few years. After his professional playing career ended, he still wanted to stay connected to his passion of basketball, so he began working for the Trail Blazers. He shared with us positive messages about hard work, having a drive to be successful, and the importance of being a good team member. Kevin is a great role model for children and we were lucky to have him join us as our last guest speaker for the week.

Read To Us Week – Day 4

Day 4 of Read To Us Week brought us two awesome scientists! Tammie Wilson and Chloe Ryan joined us to tell us about their experiences working in the shipyards of Portland. Tammie explained how she helps to keep our water clean by keeping metal and other toxic materials out of the river when ships are being built. Chloe told us how she helps to protect our air by monitoring ships when they are painted. We are so glad we have great people like Tammie and Chloe that work so hard to help keep our environment clean.

Read To Us Week – Day 3

Students enjoyed meeting with Sergeant Corbin from the West Linn Police Department this afternoon. The children were very excited and curious about the different aspects of the job and Sergeant Corbin pantiently answered each question while sprinkling in some time to check out some of the equipment that police officers use.

Read To Us Week – Day 2

Today we were fortunate enough to have TWO guest speakers! 

Our first speaker was Beekeeper David Hainley. Among the many things he taught us were how to manage a beehive, what gear he wears to keep from getting stung, and how to tell the difference between a queen bee and the rest of the colony. It was a fascinating and engaging way to begin our day.

At the end of our day, we were joined by David’s wife, Amanda, who is a yoga instructor. She led us in a fun game that taught us various yoga poses.

Read To Us Week – Day 1

On day one of Read To Us Week, we had the opportunity to learn from Steve Gotfredson, a prosthetic limb maker. He told us the story of a young man who lost his leg to cancer and later became an Olympic athlete with the help of a prosthetic limb. Then we got an opportunity to explore the collection of prosthetics that Steve brought in for us. What a great way to kick off Read To Us Week!

Longest Tin Can Phone Ever

We recently began learning about sound waves and vibration. We are currently experimenting with paper cup telephones to see how far our whispers can travel. Today, we successfully made our whisper voices travel 12 feet! We thought that was pretty impressive, but then we watched the video below and began to wonder how much longer we can get our voices to travel. Check out the cool video about people who made the longest tin cup phone ever. Maybe it will inspire you to try a similar experiment!