Willamette Market 2017

The fourth graders participated in the annual Willamette Market today and had a great time buying and selling their homemade products. Students put in a ton of work over the past several weeks in order to make this day as wonderful and exciting as it was. All of the money raised will go towards funding the fourth and fifth grade overnight field trips. Congratulations to the students for a job well done and a huge thank you to the parents for all of your support.

Readers Theater

This week, we learned about the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition through a couple of plays put on by the fourth graders. Each group took time to personally read and understand their story. Then they practiced, prepared, and performed the plays for their peers. Students did an excellent job of making these stories come to life. Not only did we learn about these important parts of our nation’s history, we also put a special emphasis on reading our scripts with expression, because no one wanted to see a play put on by a bunch of robots. Kudos to the kids for doing an exceptional job!