Learning This Week

Here are a few photos that offer a tiny glimpse into some of the learning we did this week. Included are pictures from our building of rubber band race cars during a science lesson about energy, an opportunity to learn about adding decimals and calculating a tip from Mrs. McMinn’s class, and our finished bulletin board which displays some of our reading analysis as well as some fish collage art work.


We talk a lot about being a family in our class. I caught this scene on the way to the bus the other day and it made me think of our family talks.

Practice Test for State Testing

If you would like to practice for state testing, please click on the following link and follow these directions:

OAKS Portal

* On the Start by User page –> Select “Students
* Next, select “Practice Tests
* On the Please Sign In page –> Select “Sign In
* On the Is This You? page, –> Select Student Grade Level (4), then select “Yes” at the bottom of the page
* Students may practice any of the following practice tests:
– ELA CAT Practice Test
– ELA PT Practice Test
– Math CAT Practice Test
– Math PT Practice Test

(ELA = English Language Arts; CAT = Computer Adaptive test; PT = Performance Task)

* On the Choose Settings page –> Leave everything as is and choose “Select
* On the Is This Your Test page –> Choose “Yes
* On the Audio Playback Check page –> Play the sample sound and when you hear the sound, choose “I head the sound
* On Instructions and Help page –> Select “Begin test now

Overnight Field Trip Slideshow

There were so many pictures from the overnight field trip to Camp Kuratli that they couldn’t fit into one blog post. Instead, I created a slideshow to document our time experiencing life as the pioneers did in the mid 1800s. A massive thank you goes to the staff at Camp Kuratli and the several parent volunteers who helped make this a special experience for all students.

Oregon Trail Overnight Field Trip 2017 from Kevin Baumbach on Vimeo.