Practice Test for State Testing

If you would like to practice for state testing, please click on the following link and follow these directions:

OAKS Portal

* On the Start by User page –> Select “Students
* Next, select “Practice Tests
* On the Please Sign In page –> Select “Sign In
* On the Is This You? page, –> Select Student Grade Level (4), then select “Yes” at the bottom of the page
* Students may practice any of the following practice tests:
– ELA CAT Practice Test
– ELA PT Practice Test
– Math CAT Practice Test
– Math PT Practice Test

(ELA = English Language Arts; CAT = Computer Adaptive test; PT = Performance Task)

* On the Choose Settings page –> Leave everything as is and choose “Select
* On the Is This Your Test page –> Choose “Yes
* On the Audio Playback Check page –> Play the sample sound and when you hear the sound, choose “I head the sound
* On Instructions and Help page –> Select “Begin test now