Global School Play Day

Wednesday, February 7 was Global School Play Day, a day in which kids around the world were encouraged to enjoy unstructured play time with their peers. Several classes at Willamette participated in this event and every teacher I talked to excitedly said that it was a success. This was also true in our classroom. As I observed students I noticed several positive things.

First of all, the level of engagement was sky high. Every student was actively engaged for the entire day. Their brains were moving from start to finish.

I also noticed interaction between classmates who I wouldn’t normally see playing together. It was nice to see so many students being kinder than necessary, warm, and inviting.

Another thing I noticed was self-management. To be honest, I was anticipating a day in which I would be spending a good amount of time managing student behavior. I didn’t have to deal with student misbehavior the entire day because there was none!

Lastly, the mood in the room was light, energetic, and happy. Having a day like this was a great morale boost and a nice break from the heavy lifting we normally do in here. It’s a good reminder that sometimes we simply need to unplug and just play.

I am hoping that we can do something like this again later this year because it was such a positive experience.