Playing With the One World Futbol

After recently learning about the One World Futbol, a few students purchased one. Charlie brought his in this week for everyone to see and, of course, for everyone to play with.

I talked to Charlie about the ball and made a short video of the One World Futbol’s successful debut at All Saints.

If you’d like to read the initial post about our class’s discovery of the One World Futbol, followed by a very nice comment from Tim Jahnigen the inventor of the ball, click here: The Indestructible Soccer Ball

If you’d like to purchase a One World Futbol for yourself (and give one to someone else in the process), click here: Buy One, Give One. They’d make a great Christmas gift.

Note: Unfortunately, I made a mistake in the making of this video, not realizing that filming while holding my phone in portrait mode would cause the editing program to reformat the video and cut off the top half of Charlie’s head during his interview. I apologize for the poor video quality. As I tell my students, I’m learning new things everyday, too.

Playing With the One World Futbol from Kevin Baumbach on Vimeo.