Overnight Field Trip Video

The video highlights from the very entertaining and informative fourth grade overnight field trip is finally done. Take a look back on this fantastic trip which featured stops at Fort Clatsop, Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Fort Stevens Sate Park, Columbia River Maritime Museum, and Astoria Column. As you will see, we had a great time together and learned a lot about the Lewis and Clark expedition and the history and geography of our region. Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip so successful.

4th Grade Overnight Field Trip 2013 from Kevin Baumbach on Vimeo.

Working Together to Understand “Borrowing”


Yesterday, the students of 4A were given a subtraction problem. With a partner, their task was to display their method of problem solving in four ways: 1) with base-ten pieces, 2) by drawing a picture, 3) by writing words, and 4) traditional arithmetic. The idea was to actually see what happens when you “borrow” while doing a subtraction problem rather than just following a process, thus gaining a deeper understanding of subtraction.

As I walked around the room and eavesdropped on conversations, I became more and more impressed with each group I watched. They became completely engaged in their learning; communicating their thinking with their partner and working through struggles.

I was blown away. This level of independent thinking and cooperative learning doesn’t normally happen this early in the school year. I was so proud of what the group accomplished.

Here is a sampling of some of the learning that took place:

Understanding Subtraction from Kevin Baumbach on Vimeo.